About Us

Hello my fellow freelancing scientists, my name's Douglas and one of the founders of Science GO. We're a passionate about delevering science education in a more natural and engaging way, we are a group of scientists, educators, gamers and entrepreneurs.


Science occurs everywhere around us. From our childhood, we experienced the world through all of our senses, play, experimentation which was initiated by our personal curiosity.  

That’s how it occurs in real life, so with mobile technology we provide a 3D learning experience that fuses the emotional and logical sides of science together to provide a deeper learning experience in science.


We provide a platform to help individuals like you tap into your own curiosity of the natural and technological worlds around you, to further discover the world of science.

We use the everywhere around you, to create structured learning that helps you see and interact with the science that may be hidden around you. We know and value that emotions has been an integral part of playful learning, so we are fusing the Emotional and logical sides of science together. 

A Natural Girl