Why Science Go?

Welcome to a new way of exploring your curiosity of the natural world around you. Learning will never feel the same again... 

Gamification & Science

In the brain the amygdala helps process memories through emotional experiences. Evidence show that educational games are on a rise because of their ability to engage the users emotions. (Stephen Baer 2018)

More than just Memory

Acording to an interview with Dr Michio Kaku Science requires more than just memorising statistics and facts. Science literacy is an important part of society, it is the ability to use multiple skills such as creativity, exploration, experimentation, knowledge etc. To solve a problem and the need to develop these multifacted skills are important for education and many aspects of life.

Exploration & Learning 

Exploration and novelty are aspects that increses an individuals attention to what is at hand thus helping the potential to increase engagement. The ventril striatum, is the part of the brain that seeks out new things. Now lets put everything aside and explore...