Is Psychology a Science?

The study of human behavior is a relatively young science, many sources argue that the beginning of acknowledge Psychological study began in 1879 with Dr. Wundt.

Like any science, there are many different aspects explored. For example, physics can explore the laws of gravity in one area, and in another investigate the role of quarks in an atomic structure.

The difficulty with Psychology in understanding whether or not it's a science comes down to some very specific caveats: Some parts of Psychological study cannot be seen, and therefore difficult to measure. Sigmund Freud is one of the most significant figures in modern psychology, but his theories are based on his own evidence. He believes we have a conscious , a subconscious and an unconscious mind which govern our actions. But how can we KNOW this if we cannot view and therefor control them? If they cannot be measured, we cannot either prove or disprove them.

Similar arguments appear in social psychology, which is also difficult to pinpoint certain elements.

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